Which friend are you?

Our original collection is inspired by Lemonade’s very own besties. Our girls are our ride-or-dies, our crew, our friends til the end. These women deserve their flowers and the best way to celebrate them is by pushing them to command their peace and self worth. Each one of them is different, but brings so much personality, love, and light to our small circle. They are truly irreplaceable! The Lemonade Journal believes in community, growth, and quality of life but none of that is possible without our girls!

Ashley Always on the go, but she doesn’t miss a step. Her love language is quality time so she values each moment with her friends; new and old. 

Bri She’s the caregiver of the crew. Even though she has a new bundle of joy, she’s been taking care of her friends for a while. A meal or a shoulder to cry on, she’s your girl. 

Candice She works hard, but plays even harder. She’s not afraid to work for what she wants which means she gets the coin, the bag, and the vacation!

Chloe Beauty and brains. She’s never out of her element because she knows everyone, everything, and has the perfect bottle of wine for the moments in between.

Dee Sis got goals so nothing gets her down, except maybe a push up! She’s at the gym morning, noon, and night, but she’ll take a break for her girlfriends. 

Jackie Every boutique in town knows the queen by name. She has a heart of gold just like the heel of her favorite pair of Sam Edelman’s. 

Jenn She’s the real reason the girls trip makes it out the group chat and into a luxury hotel. She deserves nothing but the best and that includes yachts, suites, and fine dining. 

Kristen Rather it’s sage or sound advice, she’s the glue that holds us together. She’s intentional with her time, prayers, and energy. Simply put, she’s God’s favorite.

Lauren Sugar, spice, and everything nice. This girl can hold her own from the board room to the kitchen table. Your grandma ain’t got nothing on her! 

Which one are you?