Our Story

The Lemonade Journal 

A collection of journals and stationery created to help you push beyond limitations. 

Every self care routine needs simple go-to products that are helpful and relaxing. Limits, boundaries, and anxiety consume our day to day, but your self care routine should be your own. Lemonade was made for the moments you need to decompress and reflect on things you love. The moments you push life’s limitations into something refreshing.

Meet The Founder

Hey Friend, 

Welcome to The Lemonade Journal Ltd Co. We're a community of women that prioritize self care. We’re the strong friends that are expected to keep going when life throws us a million and one things. Never again! At TLJ we believe in setting boundaries, stress relief, and mental wellness for all black women. 

As a new mom and wife, I promise to put myself first so I can continue to show up and show out for my family and friends. I honor that promise with The Lemonade Journal. Lemonade relieves the stress of knowing "how to self-care" with soul digging writing prompts, quotes from our aunties, and beautiful affirmations.

This is our time to live without boundaries and squeeze limits into lemonade.


Lauren S.