What's your journaling style?

What's your journaling style?

Journaling doesn't have to be complicated. If you're new to journaling, knowing what to do with your journal can be intimidating. Don't worry...The Lemonade Journal was created with the newbie in mind. The Lemonade Journal is split into 3 sections to help you discover the journaling style that resonates with you the most.

1.Traditional lined pages are perfect for gratitude or mediation journaling. This style is best used for self reflection. You can journal from the heart or use writing prompts to help uncover thoughts and emotions.

2.Dot (aka grid) pages are ideal for a more creative approach. Journalers typically use dot pages for bullet journaling. Bullet journaling allows you to sketch or doddle the pages you want in the moment. Fine-tipped pens and stickers are used for added flair.

3.The planning section is geared to your interests. Many use journals to detail their journeys. For example, travel journals are used to document your travels and capture memories. Calendar journals create space for day-to-day activities. Or even food journals for trying new restaurants and flavors. Whatever you enjoy, journaling makes it more enjoyable.  

Journaling is a stress-reliever so don't overthink ways to use your journal. The goal is to give your mind a break by pouring your thoughts onto the pages and turning negative thoughts into positive actions or as we say, "turn limits into lemonade."


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