Self love is the best love.

Self love is the best love.

Hey Lemon Drops!

I may or may not spend too much time scrolling TikTok (aand that’s my business), but I often find the most interesting gems to add to my self-care journey. I’ve seen several users documenting their “75 Hard” journey which is a fitness challenge that includes drinking a gallon of water each day, completing two 45-minute workouts, one of those taking place outside, and not consuming alcohol. I may not be ready, but I love a good challenge. I recently discovered the Self Love 75 (shout out to creator @datingwithowen) and immediately knew that this was more my speed.

As we transition into Spring, I’m challenging you to focus on your self-care through self-love. Join me on this challenge, and take a solo stroll down lover’s lane. In Self Love 75, we are challenged to do 75 things, one each day, for 75 days, that make us happy and displays love for ourselves.

@datingwithowen began his first day by challenging viewers to write down a list of 25 things that they want to do (but haven’t) that will make them happy. Think of all of the things on your bucket list that “spark joy” and create your list of uncompleted happies. Feel free to customize this 75 days of self-love challenge in a way that highlights your interests and aligns with any goals you’ve set for this year.

We’d love to see you loving on yourself. Tag us on IG (@thelemondaejournalco) or on TikTok (@thelemonadejournal) in your #SelfLove75 so that we can love you loving yourself. Don’t forget to take a sip of lemonade along the way.



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