How I meal prep with The Lauren.

How I meal prep with The Lauren.

     Discipline is one thing I can't seem to fit my mind around. Maybe its negative connotation takes me back to childhood or makes me think of authority figures. As an adult telling myself "no" is hard to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not out here wildin' but I do like to indulge and I got a mean sweet tooth! So, how do I keep my eating habits in check? Consistent meal prepping. "The Lauren" is the perfect journal to keep my recipes for the week in reach. 

1. Throughout the week as groceries run low, I keep an on-going grocery list in my journal. On Friday nights (when the groceries are scarce and ordering uber eats is on the menu) I review my list and schedule a grocery delivery for Sunday morning. 

2. My journal has space to write down recipes I want to try. I usually have to tweak recipes I find to give it them that extra oompf! Its convenient to glance at my list while prepping ingredients. 

3. Safekeeping. Yes, I know I can always save the recipes online, BUT lets be real... how many times have you gone back to your saved IG or TikTok and haven't been able to find what you were looking for? Exactly. Plus, you can always pass them on to family and friends. I plan to share mine with my newborn baby girl! 

I'm not the type of person that scolds myself in the moments I overindulge but when I do its not hard to get back on track because when I see the notes in my journal, I'm reminded of the goals I set for myself. I want to encourage you to do the same. Give yourself some grace, eat the things you love and save a few bucks while doing it.

P.S. I'm dropping my favorite seafood recipe below if you need a quick dinner idea.

     With love, 


 Seafood Stuffed Jumbo Shells 


Heavy whipping cream

Mozzarella cheese

Chopped onion

Parmesan cheese

Cajun crab dip

Jumbo pasta shells

Rao’s Alfredo sauce

Italian cheese mix




Pre-heat oven to 375

Saute onions, add heavy whipping cream and Alfredo sauce 

Boil shells until soft 

Stuff shells with crab dip

Place stuffed shells in pan

Pour heavy cream and Alfredo mix covering shells

Add all cheeses on top, bake in oven for 15 min 

Cool and enjoy! 


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