K.I.S.S: 5 Tips for Simple Self Care

K.I.S.S: 5 Tips for Simple Self Care


K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Self Care

5 Tips for Simple Self Care

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re 2 months into 2023, and it’s still a little difficult to get focused on our  goals for the year, especially when we haven’t paused to take care of ourselves. Many of the women I know are making a conscious effort to focus on themselves and be more intentional about self-care. While the plan alone is great, sometimes we can overthink self-care and transform it into something big and scary which deters us from putting the plans into action. If you find yourself stumped, here are some ideas for some simple self-care activities that you can do at home and won’t break the bank.

1. Journaling

You know that we love a good journaling moment utilizing the Lemonade Journals. Journaling doesn’t have to be long and tedious; in fact, it can be as short as five minutes just to clear your head and heart. Use journaling as a way to document your highs and lows of the day or to simply express your feelings in word form and refocus. Whether you’re into prompts or like to let the randomness of each day guide your thoughts, spend a few minutes each day tracking your thoughts as a form of mental and emotional self-care.

2. Take a Bubble Bath

“Rubber duckie, you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun”, just kidding, but who doesn’t love a good bath? After a long day, or even at the beginning of a relaxing day, soaking baths are a great way to unwind and spend some time with yourself. Light those candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and allow the steam and warm water to wash your worries away. Looking to upgrade your bathing experience? Try adding a bath pillow, Epsom salt, or essential oils to your soak for an elevated self-care experience.

3. Call Someone You Love

Sometimes we just need to hear from the people who love us the most. The routine of the days and weeks can wear on our spirits, and if we don’t stop to reconnect with those in our inner circle, we can begin to carry the weight of the routine. Self-care doesn’t have to be experienced alone. Whether it’s calling your best friend and having a good laugh or texting your cousins and laughing about a funny childhood memory, a good conversation can do wonders for the heart and soul. Allow those who love you to pour into you and refill your cup so that you’re able to continue being the wonderful woman you are.

4. Declutter Your Space

Self-care doesn't only include bubble baths and spa days, self-care is also doing the work to become our best selves. Our spaces are often a reflection of what we have going on personally and professionally. When things get chaotic, it can be refreshing to pause and declutter for a fresh start. Decluttering can provide a good reset when our minds and lives have become cluttered. You don’t have to go into cleaning overdrive, simply begin with the spaces where you spend the most time.

5. Soak Up the Sun

Spending time with nature has many physical and mental benefits including improving your mood, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increasing endorphin levels and dopamine production. Studies show that a minimum of two hours a week spent in nature is needed to increase your overall well-being. While that may seem like too much of a commitment, think of ways to shift your daily tasks and activities so that you’re able to able to enjoy nature without overextending yourself. Take a walk, enjoy your morning coffee outside, or find light sources in your workspace and gravitate towards them. Allow mother nature’s benefits to provide much-needed care for yourself.

Whether you’re a self-care OG or a newbie to this lifestyle, finding ways to spend time with yourself and refresh doesn’t have to break the bank. Let us know how you implement these tips into your life, share any simple self-care tips you have with us, and as always, turn life’s limits into lemonade.


Jenn W.


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