How to Journal for Self-Care

How to Journal for Self-Care

It’s reported that ages 18-33 experience the highest stress levels, but here’s a news flash…stress doesn’t care about your age! Life is hard. Period. But journaling may help.

Journaling can be used to balance daily routines, improve behaviors, and decrease stress. You can journal for a short amount of time for a big impact.

 To start journaling, grab your The Lemonade Journal and write whatever comes to your mind for at least 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write something. You can use writing prompts to explore different topics or you can doodle to express yourself through art. And no, it doesn’t have to be perfect, this is an exercise for you and you only.

Some people wait for certain feelings to arise before pulling out their journals or you can make it a daily part of your self-care routine. For example, I journal every day during my lunch break. It’s my personal time away from my kid, husband, and laptop! And if it’s a day I don’t have much to say, I set a 5-minute timer just to write anything that comes top of mind.

Lastly, it’s important to carry your journal with you so you can write whenever the moment hits. No matter the time of day, give yourself freedom to feel all the feels then get back to being the amazing person you are. We were built to squeeze limits into lemonade!


Lauren S.

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